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Welcome to the Online Home of the
Lady Dawg Academy!

A Softball Academy that is Dedicated

We are dedicated to ensuring the proper development of all kids. It does not matter your age, nor size. We start by working on the basic needs so that kids are able to compete at all levels. I learned early in my career that I could be a better baseball/softball player by learning basic fundamentals. That is what made me into a Major League Player. I was not the biggest, nor was I the strongest. Yet, I played against Major League Players. I attribute my success to what I call "Baseball 101."  This is based on learning how to play the game properly, so that the game becomes easier for the player to compete when he is not the biggest player on the field. When you put a great athlete, and Baseball 101 together you have something special. We are dedicated to helping your daughter become the best softball player she can be. Lady Dawg coaches and l work on building softball players to prepare them for the next level of play.

Hit Dawg Academy will do the following:

  • Help Build Player's Confidence
  • Teach Proper Technique
  • Teach Proper Fundamentals
  • Ensure that Players Learn Baseball 101


OPEN GYM: Available for ALL CURRENT ACADEMY MEMBERS anytime during our Open Hours.

We are happy to announce that Hit Dawg Academy now has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on site. All of our Instructors are fully trained and certified to use the equipment, if needed.

Partnership with Baseball Advising Team (B.A.T) College Recruiting Service

Hit Dawg Academy is excited to announce a new partnership with the Baseball Advising Team (B.A.T.) college recruiting service. B.A.T. was formed by Lady Dawg instructor, Matt Paulsen. Matt has teamed up with Tony Manville, an Associate Scout for the Miami Marlins, and who has extensive college recruiting experience. B.A.T is made up of a team of baseball instructors, college coaches, and professional scouts that tap players into a network of college coaches that is second to none in the Midwest.

B.A.T. will officially launch in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye open for special deals for Lady Dawg Academy Players!


2050 East Center Circle

Building F, Suite 300

Plymouth, MN 55441